Let's be environmentally responsible !

  • No Need to Pollute to Have Fun !
  • You have good intentions recycling cans and plastic bottles during your events, but have you run out of ideas when it comes to unique and ecological games?

    Morisset Events has a fantastic choice of activity parks for the whole family, without a generator and without pollution.

    Rent these parks and games and become eco-responsible all while amusing your visitors.

    No extra fee advantages!

    Game parks for all budgets.

    For all ages.

    The games can be operated by our supervisors or yours- in accordance with your needs!

    Made from recycled or reused materials.

    Our games are completely dismountable, so, whatever your needs, Morisset Events can adapt.

    Created and made in Quebec, our games create jobs and are good for the local economy.

    One of a kind games, because they are made in our workshop.

    Each game is continually repaired and restored.

    Many of our games are made for long term festivals, giving you- the organiser- big savings. Our giant games and parks can have up to 250 visitors at once and are non-inflatable. The pieces to each park are never set-up the same way from one event to the other and there is only one model of each park in the world. If its uniqueness you are looking for, you will be very well served.